Take a look at the sort of bloody mayhem we here at Reel Splatter have to offer!

WARNING: There is NO NUDITY contained herein, however there are obscene depictions of murder, mutilation, cannibalism, rape, Nazism, drug usage, suicide, clowns, blasphemy, necrophilia, vomiting, baby slaying and urine drinking. Proceed with caution! Do not view if you are pregnant and/or easily offended!


Most Recent Material - The same speaks for itself! Our best, most current and most polished film shorts can be seen here! Film fest submissions, advanced video techniques and better production quality galore.

2005-2008 - After a brief hiatus in the early days of Reel Splatter, we got our act back together and produced to our limit! Notice our change of cast members, higher production quality and better music choices.
Early Works - These particular shorts were created before 2005, long before Julius came along and when most projects were mostly improvised on the spot. They also contain lower production quality and have copyrighted material!

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