Long Pig (12/30/2011)

When three friends decide to get food, one wrong turn transforms the idyllic summer afternoon into a deadly struggle for survival. A life affirming tale of friendship...and cannibalism.

If this movie doesn't touch you, we will!

Dr. Blood's Cinema Dungeon (3/12/2009)

Do you have what it takes to peek into the bleak and ghastly future of horror? Follow Dr. Blood and his creepy cohort Magmar as they discuss and review some of the feature films of 2017! By the way, this quaint little piece was showcased at the Lancaster Area Film Festival in May 2009, and was well received by cult horror movie fans alike!

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

A Reel Splatter Halloween (10/29/2008)

Happy Halloween, loyal fans from Dr.Chud and the Reel Splatter crew! Be on the lookout for many familiar faces and cameo appearances in this twisted little splatter short!

Womb For Two (9/27/2008)

A delightful yet disturbing gimmick sitcom about a 16-year old fetus living inside his mom. Disgusting hilarity ensues in our most ambitious project yet, which took over a year to create.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Dr. Chud Gets Inked (8/21/2008)

Will he cry like a little bitch? Will he take it like a man? Find out in this thrilling two-part documentary as Reel Splatter's very own Mike Lombardo breaks ground with the coolest looking tattoo ever created! Please note: At the time being (2010), the tattoo parlor shown within is no longer in service, thus the plug and advertisement at the very end of the video are irrelevant now. Nonetheless, see the amazing body art of the talented Chris Hall!

Part 1

Part 2

Psssst: Julius' tattoo is cooler. Pass it on!

Demonstration of the Dead - Director's Cut (2/18/2008)

A shocking NEWS report about the attempts of N.A.A.L.I. (National Association for the Advancement of the Living Impaired) to sue horror film maker George A. Romero! This little flick was our submission to Mr. Romero's "Diary of the Dead" competition on MySpace. We didn't win the contest, but we did make the finals, therefore this was at some point actually viewed by Mr. Romero himself!

UPDATE September 2010: We bagged the Golden Buzzsaw Award for "peoples' choice" at Horrorfind '10! Before we made our big foray into the film festival scene, we made a neat little teaser trailer.

Take My Breath Away (1/23/2008)

Watch as a man goes to some desperate lengths to maintain his youth...

Are you offended yet?

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