Chainsaw Chink vs. Santa Claws (2/17/2004)

Chainsaw Chink vs. Santa Claws is an extremely offensive and graphically violent romp inspired by Chainsaw Chink's brief appearance in Manhunt. When Santa Claws can no longer take children being naughty, he snaps and goes on a killing spree. It's then up to Chainsaw Chink to stop him. Featuring graphic violence, chainsaw/machete battles and Adolf Hitler himself, Chainsaw Chink vs. Santa Claws is a short you won't soon forget!

(video currently unavailable)

Chainsaw Chink vs. Lombardo's Mom (2/17/2004)

In a completely improvised (and pointless) short video, see as our beloved Oriental hitman puts up his dukes and goes head-to-head against the foulest beast of them all... Mike Lombardo's angry mother! What was once a bonus feature only available on the first generation of Splatter DVDs, it is now available online for those of you who missed out in the early days of this film troupe.

(video currently unavailable)

Manhunt, I Was An Impressionable Teenager (1/6/2004)

Our Manhunt movie was inspired by all the bitchy soccer moms who said that Manhunt should be banned because it warps the youth of America. It chronicles the adventures of a young boy named Oscar who plays the game in question and goes on a killing spree. For a better understanding of the movie, play the amazing game!

(video currently unavailable)

Gorexor to the Max x 3 (8/20/2003)

The first film by Reel Splatter. Completely made on the spot with free bikes we received moments before filming and some random props we picked up from Lombardo's house. This video is NOT supposed to make sense! It was a collection of inside jokes inspired by the short film "Rejected" and the spur of the moment decision to wail on each other with bikes and medieval weaponry. Enjoy!

Are you offended yet?

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