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The Stall DVD – SOLD OUT!

Extra features include:

  • Audio commentary with Director/Writer/FX Artist Mike Lombardo
  • Drunken audio commentary with Star/VFX Artist Skot Shaub, Director of Photography Dylan S-C, Composer Erik Myrnes, VFX Artist Kevin Hallman, and Writer/Director/FX Artist Mike Lombardo
  • A Labor of Love(Craft) or Don’t Rush, Just Flush: The Making of The Stall
  • Backyard Splatter 101: Tentacles – A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Own Appendages
  • “Chew-Toy” UNCUT: the very not-safe-for-work music video by Testosteroso starring Erik Myrnes, Skot Shaub, and featuring gore FX by Mike Lombardo

Suburban Holocaust: Reel Splatter Volume 1 DVD – CLEARANCE

Suburban Holocaust: Reel Splatter Volume 1 collects 10 short films spanning 2006 – 2012.


  • “Where Has All the Laughter Gone?”
  • “Brady’s Games Zombie Commercial”
  • “Homemade Roofies”
  • “Skyler Phalanges: Zombie Hunter”
  • “Take My Breath Away”
  • “Demonstration of the Dead”
  • “Womb For Two”
  • “A Reel Splatter Halloween”
  • “Dr. Blood’s Cinema Dungeon”
  • “Long Pig”

Extra Features:

  • Audio commentaries on each short with cast and crew
  • In Utero: a tour of the womb set
  • Brian Keene: The Lost Interview – an exclusive mini-sequel to Demonstration of the Dead
  • Backyard Splatter 101: Blood
  • Backyard Splatter 101: Chunks of Flesh
  • Dr. Chud Gets Inked!
  • Hilarious footage from the Womb For Two film fest premiere (with umbilical cord jump rope)
  • “Testosteroso Theme” music video – based on the Gorthox & The Bloodsuckers song from Womb For Two
  • Hidden easter eggs and much, much more!

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Reel Splatter Double Feature: Suburban Holocaust & The Stall DVDs

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