The Brilliant Terror documentary!

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Been awhile since we’ve updated things around here, but that doesn’t mean nothing has been happening, in fact we have some very big news! We are extremely excited to share that The Brilliant Terror, a documentary about grassroots horror film making, is officially finished and heading out onto the festival circuit! Film makers Paul Hunt and Julie Kauffman of LonFall Films, followed yours truly on set and off for nearly 7 years, documenting the various blood splattered escapades I call my life and career, along with a whole host of other awesome indie horror film makers, and the end result is a wildly entertaining and occasionally heart wrenching ride that I can only describe as American Movie meets The Nailgun Massacre! Rue Morgue has the exclusive scoop and the trailer

Check out the official website

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There is more huge news coming soon, but we’re not allowed to share it just yet, so stay tuned!


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