Howdy folks, and welcome to the official website of Reel Splatter Productions! We're a small independent horror-comedy troupe and our goal is to prove artistic expression can involve necrophilia & chainsaws! Step right up and see some horrible monstrosities commit unspeakable acts! For questions, comments, or press inquiries, please contact Mike Lombardo.

7/29/2016 - HUGE NEWS! The official trailer for our first feature length film "I'm Dreaming of a White Doomsday" is LIVE!

The awesome fiends over at Dread Central broke the news earlier today, so head on over and check it out!

2/1/2016 - Howdy fiends, got some news for ya! I was last week’s guest on the very cool podcast, The Horrorshow with Brian Keene. I talk White Doomsday, my origin story as a horror fan, the perils of indie filmmaking, and the very NSFW tale of my short lived Vine career. “The best episode of The Horroshow yet!” raves three people! People don’t lie about stuff like that…do they?

In other very NSFW news, my short story, “Just Like The Real Thing” was just published in the bizarre erotica anthology, Strange Sex 3 from New Kink Books! It’s the embarrassingly autobiographical tale of an awkward 18 year old virgins’s first trip to the porn store. I’m told it’s the most hilarious and disgusting thing I’ve ever written, and with an endorsement like that, how could you not pick up a copy in paperback or Kindle?

On the White Doomsday front, post production continues to move along at a good pace. I almost have a full rough cut done, so there should be a teaser trailer coming in the next couple months!

Until next time, keep it reel!

1/10/2016 - Hey there folks, got some major news from the wasteland for ya!

Some of you fans may have already seen this when Fangoria Magazine ran the exclusive a couple days ago, but for those who haven't, it is my pleasure to unveil the delightfully 80's poster art for our upcoming feature film, "I'm Dreaming of a White Doomsday" created by the insanely talented Marc Schoenbach of Sadist Art Designs, the madman responsible for the killer cover of The Stall!

Post production continues to move along nicely, and we will have some more updates for ya' soon!

In other news, the incredibly awesome limited VHS edition of Adam Cesare's newest book, "Zero Lives Remaining" was released not too long ago. Reel Splatter was brought on board to do a blood splattered photo set of scenes from the book to put on the faux VHS box the book is housed in, we also did a fake trailer featuring some eye popping arcade fun! The book comes signed by the author and includes a trifold insert with an "actor" interview as well as more gory fx pics AND a set of Funcave trading cards signed by the cast (and yours truly!) As of this update there are still a handful (I believe a dozen or so) of copies left, so don't miss out on the coolest limited edition book ever made! Still skeptical? Check out this awesome unboxing video from the super cool Kevin Foster.

That's it for now folks, stay tuned for some more news!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 17th, 2015

From Grandmaster Award winning author Brian Keene comes a disturbing post-apocalyptic Christmas Horror Story.

Writer/director Mike Lombardo aligns with author Brian Keene to bring a bleak horror story about a family trying to survive in the post-apocalypse during the most wonderful time of year.

Central PA - Brian Keene, bestselling author of such notable novels as “The Rising”, “Ghoul”, and “Castaways”, has teamed up as executive producer with frequent collaborator, writer/director Mike Lombardo (The Stall, Long Pig) of Reel Splatter Productions on the post-apocalyptic Christmas horror story I'm Dreaming of a White Doomsday.

Having just wrapped filming in Pennsylvania, White Doomsday tells the tale of Kelly and her son Riley, weathering the end times in a bomb shelter amidst the ruin that once was the world. With supplies and hope steadily declining, Kelly makes a horrifying decision that will cause her to discover just how far she would go for her child, and what lurks outside.

“What started as a short film we were shooting on the weekends just sort of took on a life of its own and kept growing until we realized we had a feature on our hands.” says Lombardo. “I’m usually known for doing the more comedic end of horror, so I think fans of Reel Splatter are going to be surprised at how bleak, disturbing, and nihilistic this one is. It goes to some pretty dark places.”

Starring Damian Maffei (Joe R. Lansdale's Christmas with the Dead, Closed for the Season), I'm Dreaming of a White Doomsday will be ready to make it's way in the summer of 2016.

To learn more about the film, be sure to follow Reel Splatter Productions on Facebook and check out Brian Keene's website.

8/19/2015 - Howdy fiends, got lots of cool news! If you were thinking to yourself, “Damn, I wish I had a new raunchy, disgusting, and mildly arousing Reel Splatter short to watch today,” then you are in luck! I finally got around to finishing “Blowjob in a Can”, the bizarre and very grotesque short we shot for the 10 year anniversary of Reel Splatter. . . Two years ago. Blowjob in a Can is the spiritual sequel to the classic Reel Splatter short Home-Made Roofies, and reunites the entire cast and crew! I know we announced this one a while back, but let's not focus on how long anyone procrastinated on post production, lets focus on the glorious fact that its finally finished and ready for you to watch absolutely FREE! Check it out here on YouTube.

Speaking of projects that should have been done years ago, Brian Keene’s Fast Zombies Suck, a short film I worked on as part of Drunken Tentacle Productions (a fun side project I’m involved in with horror author Brian Keene and some very cool friends). I did some nasty FX work and served as a 2nd Unit Director as well as doing the foley. It had its world premiere at Scares That Care Weekend in VA a couple weeks ago and we recorded a live Q&A for The Horrorshow With Brian Keene podcast after the screening. Check out the short here on YouTube -- and then if you want to listen to me give a very unfiltered, brutally honest look at the horrors of indie filmmaking, listen to the podcast here.

And last but certainly not least, some production updates on our newest project, “I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday”: we just completed day 17 of filming and are edging into our final stretch of production . Things are going spectacularly and I couldn’t be happier with the footage so far. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the movie, it’s the film adaptation of the short of the same name, written by yours truly and available in the killer anthology, “A Very StrangeHouse Christmas.” It’s the incredibly dark story of a young mother and her 7-year old son living out their final days in a bomb shelter during the apocalypse. Oh, and it’s a Christmas movie! It’s Miracle on 34th Street meets The Road, sure to become the feel good holiday movie of the year. Since you kiddies have been so patient, here are few more screenshots:

That’s all for now folks, as always for the most up to date news and more behind the scenes pics than you can shake a stick at, like us on Facebook!

Keep it reel,

-Mike “Dr.Chud” Lombardo

5/25/2015 - Hey there Splatter fiends! Been awhile, I know. I find myself starting most of these sporadic updates with apologies, so why stop a good thing? Sorry for updating so infrequently folks, there have been loads going on here (including a complete website overhaul coming soon which will mean actual regular updates here). There is much to discuss but little time to discuss it so I'll get right to the good stuff.


Our newest project, “I'm Dreaming of a White Doomsday” is based on the incredibly depressing short story by yours truly (which is available in the fantastically bizarre, “A Very StrangeHouse Christmas”.

Check out a couple teaser screenshots!

And here's some behind the scenes photos:

It's the story of a mother and her 7-year old son living out their final days in a bomb shelter at the end of the world. Oh, and it's about Christmas too. The best way I can pitch it is The Road meets Miracle on 34th Street. It's a big departure for us, as this is 100% serious, pitch black drama: no laughs in this one folks.

We're about 12 days into shooting, with another 6 or 7 to go. White Doomsday will mark not only our longest, but also most ambitious project yet. The footage so far is fucking fantastic and makes The Stall look like public access. We're knee deep in production and hoping to wrap by the end of summer, with the final film sometime early next year. If you want to see a more or less day by day behind the scenes log, check out our Facebook page for a whole slew of behind the scenes and FX pics.

Second item of business: Reel Splatter will be attending Scares That Care Weekend Film Festival and Convention in Williamsburg, VA July 23-26th. We will have DVDs, skin ornaments, and posters for sale -- so stop by and harass us! We will also be premiering “Brian Keene's Fast Zombies Suck”, a short film I did FX and various crew stuff on as part of the side project Drunken Tentacle Productions. It will be premiering as part of An Evening With Brian Keene on the 23th at the convention.

That's all for now, we have some more huge news coming but I'm not allowed to talk about it yet, so keep checking back and please “Like” us on Facebook for the most up to date nonsense!

Stay tuned fiends, there’s more gore in store soon!

-Mike Lombardo

6/9/2014 - Greetings splatter fiends! Got some killer news to share! I am extremely proud to announce that The Stall is an Official Selection of TromaDance Detroit June 13-14th in Detroit, MI! This will be its 8th stop on the No Sleep ‘Til R’lyeh Tour. Can’t make it? Don’t worry, The Stall will also be playing this month at TromaDance NYC on June 27-28th in Brooklyn, NY and Scares That Care Weekend Film Festival in Williamsburg, VA June 28-29th (with yours truly in attendance hawking Reel Splatter dvds and merch!); and there more festivals and dates that will be announced soon. In other news, I have been brought on board for the 7th Annual Rumschpringe International Film Festival in Lancaster, PA to help organize and judge the Horror Night event, and we just opened the Call For Entries! I am looking for every type of horror, from exploitation to arthouse, drama to comedy. I want to showcase the full spectrum of horror to the audience and to do that I need your help! If you have a short horror film (40 minutes or less), go to their site and enter the fest. There is a $1,000 grand prize and your film will be seen by a very cool and supportive crowd!

Stay tuned fiends, there’s more gore in store soon!

-Mike Lombardo

5/26/2014 - Howdy folks, got some totally hella boss news! The Stall will be making its 6th stop on the No Sleep 'Til R'lyeh Tour at Fright Night Theatre in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Saturday May 31st at 8pm alongside the classic film Horror Express. Check here for more details, including schedule and directions. We are also extremely proud to announce that The Stall is an official selection at Scares That Care Weekend Film Festival - June 27-29 2014 in Williamsburg, VA! Mike Lombardo will be there kissing hands and shaking babies - and manning the Reel Splatter table which will have copies of The Stall and Suburban Holocaust (as well as t-shirts) for sale! And a reminder to you east coast folks, The Stall will be playing at TromaDance in Brooklyn, NY that very same weekend.

In other Splatter news, the official Reel Splatter t-shirts are shipping now! Help us buy more blow and hookers. . . Er, um, I mean make a new movie by clicking below and buying yours! And don't forget to check out our store page to spend yout hard-earned money on our DVDs The Stall and Suburban Holocaust!

Open your hearts -- and your wallets

US Orders - $20 + $4.50 shipping

International Orders - $20 + $8 shipping

Stay tuned for some more film festival updates soon, and keep it reel, gang!

-Mike "Dr. Chud" Lombardo

5/7/2014 - Howdy Splatter fiends, we got some very jawsome bits of news for you! We made it back in one piece from our journey to Motor City Nightmares in Detroit. The Stall screened to an awesome crowd and we sold out of DVDs! Thank you folks for being so damn supportive and cool! We will definitely be back next year! REEL SPLATTER LOVES MICHIGAN!

Next on the agenda, we are very honored to inform you that The Stall is an Official Selection of TromaDance Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY (June 27-28th)! I spent my innocent young formative years rabidly tracking down every Troma flick I could on vhs and it's influence on my work is staggering. My guerrilla film school began with The Toxic Avenger and Lloyd Kaufman's insane and wonderful tirades about independent film, so to have my work being screened by Troma is a wonderfully surreal full circle moment for me!

And finally. . . REEL SPLATTER T-SHIRTS ARE BACK! It's been a long time I know, but our resident madman actor/graphics wizard/LEGO builder extraordinaire Baron von Brunk just sent us some beautiful new shirt designs and they are up for pre-order right now!

"Coming soon to a torso near you!"

We are starting with a very limited run of the new Dr. Chud shirts, and depending on how sales go, we will do a run of The Stall t-shirts in a month or so. These are beautifully DTG printed (direct-to -garment, NOT cheap heat transfers) shirts on black 100% cotton Gildan tees. We have sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2XL, and 3XL shirts available in VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES. Shirts are $20 each with $3.50 shipping and handling. If you want one please use the PayPal link below to pre-order yours before they are gone! Please put your desired size in the comments section of the PayPal checkout. Shirts should be arriving at Reel Splatter HQ in about two weeks and will be shipping within a day or two of that.

As always, thank you for your continued support, you guys and gals make this insanity worth it!

Keep it reel!

-Mike "Dr.Chud" Lombardo

4/21/2014 - Hey splatter fans! Great news! The Stall is an Official Selection of Motor City Nightmares Film Festival in Novi, MI! This will be its 4th stop on the No Sleep 'Til R'lyeh Tour, so if you missed the other screenings you've got another chance! It will be playing this Friday, April 25th at 6:50 PM in Movie Room 2! I will be there in person all weekend kissing hands and shaking babies! Well, also manning the Reel Splatter table in the Vendor's Room which will be stocked with The Stall and Suburban Holocaust on DVD as well posters, skin ornaments and a chance to win your very own tentacle. . . So come on out and get bloody with me!

The Stall: No Sleep 'til R'lyeh Tour Previous Showings:

See ya' soon!

-Mike "Dr.Chud" Lombardo

3/24/2014 - Awesome news folks! I am extremely honored to announce that The Stall is an Official Selection of The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, Oregon! The festival runs April 11-13th, information can be found here.

Here is the most up to date (more dates coming soon!) list of locales you can see The Stall on the big screen:

The Stall: No Sleep 'til R'lyeh Tour!

Cinema Wasteland
April 4-6th
Strongsville, Ohio
(Part of the Friday Night Shorts Block)

Shock Stock
April 11-13th
London, Ontario, Canada
H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival
April 11-13th
Portland, Oregon

1/27/2014 - Howdy folks Mike Lombardo here with a freaky deaky update for ya! We are extremely pleased to announce that our new short film, "The Stall" is an Official Selection of Short Shock Film Festival in Ontario, Canada! You can find all the details at here.

We will be posting a list of all the festivals and conventions you can watch The Stall at and hang out with us as we kiss hands and shake babies on our "No Sleep Til' R'lyeh Tour" soon! You can come and say hi to me at Motor City Nightmares in Novi, MI April 25-27 as I will be there selling copies of The Stall and Suburban Holocaust! Info available here.

Speaking of The Stall, the awesome reviews are still coming in! Check out this review/interview with yours truly from the lovely Alyn Day, and be sure to hear the review for The Stall here.

Have you gotten your copy yet? It's only $10 and every sale goes towards the budget of our next short, "Charnel House", a necrophiliac love story that is bound to disturb more than a few folks! Help support indie film today!

In other news I had the opportunity to have a bunch of the Reel Splatter shorts played on Indie Horror TV as well as do a live Q&A interview with the audience! Missed your chance to listen to me ramble? Don't fret! The whole sordid affair is available on YouTube here.

And finally, I had mentioned this briefly a few weeks back, Reel Splatter celebrated its 10 year anniversary and to commemorate it we shot a new short with the old Reel Splatter crew! It's called "Blowjob in a Can" and it reunites the cast and crew from Home Made Roofies. It's a sort of spiritual sequel and certainly a throwback to the good ol' days of classic Reel Splatter. It's currently in post production and should be done in a couple weeks, so keep checking back!

That's all for now splatter fiends, keep it reel!

-Mike Lombardo


12/31/2013 - Okay folks, got a huge update for ya, so grease up yer eyeballs and slide on in!

"The Stall" DVD is In Stock and Shipping Now!

All of the pre-orders for The Stall shipped this morning and you folks should be receiving them in a few days! Congratulations to Matt Kasselbuam who won the drawing for a tentacle prop used in the film!

The DVD is now up for regular sale and generally will ship within 48 hours of your order (NOTE: If you would like your DVD to be signed, please specify who you would like it signed to in the “Instructions” box on the paypal checkout). We really went all out on this one for the artwork and special features:

  • Audio Commentary with Writer/Director/FX Artist Mike Lombardo
  • Hilarious Drunken Commentary with Star/VFX Artist Skot Shaub, Composer Erik Myrnes, Director of Photography Dylan S-C, VFX Artist Kevin Hallman, and Writer/Director Mike Lombardo
  • "A Labor of Love(craft) or Don’t Rush, Just Flush: The Making of The Stall" (a really in-depth behind the scenes documentary that covers every aspect of the making of the flick)
  • "Backyard Splatter 101: Tentacles!" (a strange and hilarious step by step tutorial on how to make your own tentacles like the ones in the movie)
  • "Chew Toy (UNCUT)" a very nasty and NSFW music video by Testosteroso starring Skot Shaub and Erik Myrnes and featuring super gross gore FX by Mike Lombardo

All that for only $10?! Holy shit, what a deal! Go to our store section to order! Want more gore? Make it a Double Feature and pick up The Stall and Suburban Holocaust: Reel Splatter volume 1 for only $20! That’s 11 whacked out as hell short films and over 4 hours of extras for the same price you’d pay for two lattes at Starbucks!

In other news, Reel Splatter celebrated its 10th Anniversary this month, and to ring it in we shot a new short called “Blowjob in a Can” with some familiar faces from Reel Splatter past, but more on that in the cumming weeks.

In the meantime, check out another new short, “My Friend Lawrence”:

We filmed that on a whim one night a couple weeks back with Erik Myrnes and Dylan S-C, and starring yours truly. It’s a bizarre tale of a man his meat and to say it’s uncomfortable would be the understatement of the century.

In literary news, I recently had my incredibly bleak, post apocalyptic Christmas story, “I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday” published as part of the anthology, A Very StrangeHouse Christmas. You should probably pick up a copy; that would be totally jawsome. It's Miracle on 34th Street meets The Road!

The Stall was recently played as part of a course on cult film at Louisville University alongside Stuart Gordan's From Beyond and Peter Jackson's Dead Alive! I gave a live Q&A with the class via Skype and also  gave a very personal and in depth written interview with the professor about the origins of the The Stall, White Doomsday and my food service zombie apocalypse story, “Play Place” (available in Zombie! Zombie Brain Bang)! You can read the interview here, along with a killer review of The Stall and the two stories here.

And finally check out a review of Suburban Holocaust: Reel Splatter Volume 1 and The Stall by The B-Movie Avenger!

That’s all for now folks, but check back soon for some info about the new short and some hella boss totally balls to the wall pictures from the Reel Splatter 10th Anniversary celebration!

Keep it reel,

-Mike “Dr.Chud” Lombardo


12/10/2013 - Howdy folks! I've got a very saucy update for you about The Stall DVD! The DVD is authored and currently being uploaded to the publishers, which means I will be getting my test copy in a few days, after I approve it, the disc officially goes into production and I should have the first batch by next week! There is still time to pre-order it and get a FREE handmade (by me personally!) Lovecraft Skin Ornament (HURRY THERE ARE ONLY 7 LEFT!) as well as having your name entered into the drawing to win an actual tentacle used in the film! All that for only $10! If that doesn't sell you on it, check out the final DVD artwork below!

(click to resize)

See that Special Features list? Yeah, that's pretty boss, right? That's over an hour of extras! If you have a copy of Suburban Holocaust: Reel Splatter Volume 1 then you know what kind of madness to expect! If you don't, check out the Double Feature offer and get Suburban Holocaust AND The Stall for a discounted price as well as having your name entered TWICE into the tentacle drawing!

In a related story, check out the latest review for The Stall on Horror Society!

As always, thank you for the enormous support you have all given over the years and be sure to keep it reel!

-Mike Lombardo


11/17/2013 - The Stall DVD pre-orders NOW OPEN!

Where will YOU be when this disc comes out?

Just in time for the holidays, you can bring home the magic of blasphemous terrors from outside time and space! We are now officially taking pre-orders for The Stall on DVD! The Stall is our newest short, the story of a young pizza shop employee who finds himself trapped in a restroom at work during the Lovecraftian apocalypse!

The response to this one has been unbelievable and due to popular demand, we are busting our asses to get this DVD out as quickly as possible! We expect to have these DVDs in your bloody little hands by early December, so grab them while you can, because we have some pretty awesome exclusive pre-order bonuses!


  • Every pre-order comes with a FREE Elder Sign skin ornament. All you folks who were awesome enough to pre-order Suburban Holocaust should be familiar with these things!  Hand carved from the finest Lovecraftian cultist flesh, not only will they keep you safe from the terrors of the cosmos, they look great on your Christmas tree!
  • Every DVD pre-order gets your name entered into a drawing to win an ORIGINAL TENTACLE PROP USED IN THE MOVIE!!! (1) winner will drawn at random from all the pre-orders and will receive an actual screen used tentacle prop from The Stall!


Now onto the actual DVD. . .

In addition to the totally helluva boss short film The Stall, and featuring incredible fucking awesome 80’s VHS style artwork by Sadist Art Designs, the DVD is oozing with the following awesome extra features:

  • Audio commentary with Writer/Director/FX artist Mike Lombardo
  • Audio commentary with Star/VFX artist Skot Shaub, Director of Photography Dylan Stern-Courney, and Composer Erik Myrnes
  • A Labor of Love(craft) or Don’t Rush, Just Flush: The Making of The Stall - an extensive behind the scenes documentary  featuring interviews with the cast and crew, on set footage and a look at the gore and visual FX, puppets, music, and shooting of the movie
  • Backyard Splatter 101: Tentacles! Mike Lombardo teaches you step by step  how to make your very own otherworldy phalluses for hours of bathroom fun!
  • Chew Toy UNCUT - a hilarious, gory and extremely NSFW music video by Testosteroso starring Erik Myrnes, Skot Shaub, and featuring super nasty gore FX by Mike Lombardo

All this for only $10! Want more bizarre bloodshed? Make it a gruesome double feature and grab a copy of Suburban Holocaust: Reel Splatter volume 1, featuring 10 short films and a whole bloody heap of extras! Get them both for only $20!

To order your copy, follow the PayPal links:

The Stall DVD (U.S. orders)

The Stall DVD (international orders)

Reel Splatter Double Feature (U.S. orders)

Reel Splatter Double Feature (int'l orders)

All proceeds from the DVD sales go directly towards the budget of our new flick, I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday! A post-apocalyptic Christmas story based on my recently published short story of the same name, available in the very NSFW anthology A Very StrangeHouse Christmas.

Keep it reel folks, and enjoy the DVD!

- Mike "Dr. Chud" Lombardo


10/31/2013 - Giant Reel Splatter Update: The Blasphemous Terrors from outside Time and Space Edition!

Well folks, it looks like the stars have aligned and the Great Old Ones have decided it is time for The Stall! It’s a very different film from what we’ve done in the past but that’s a good thing, this one is very much more horror oriented (not without comedy, but that’s a little more in the background this time around). It’s a tale of Lovecraftian horror about a young pizza shop employee who finds himself stuck the bathroom during the apocalypse!

We have been working on this for two and half years and to say we are proud would be the understatement of the fucking century! We have sacrificed all of our money, social lives, and sanity to bring this screaming, slimy little flick to life and we hope you enjoy it! The movie is available to watch online at YouTube; we’re also planning on a huge film festival tour, and within the month it will be released as a Limited Collector’s Edition DVD filled with the crazy ass special features you’ve come to expect of us. Among other things, the DVD will have a new edition of Backyard Splatter 101 where I will show you how to make your own tentacles and how to make disgusting slimy noises for your own Lovecraftian opus! We’re planning at least 3 commentary tracks, behind the scenes featurette, Visual FX comparisons, On set tour, and the Uncut version of the hilarious and nastier than hell definitely NSFW Testoroseroso music video for Chew Toy (which features the cast and crew from The Stall as well as some super nasty gory bits made by yours truly!). More details on the DVD release coming soon! In the meantime, please watch the movie, give it the thumbs up on YouTube, comment and spread the word! We need your help to make The Stall a success, you guys and gals have always been there for us in the past and we hope you stick with us into this new era of Reel Splatter! Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, your favorite message board --and if you are a Lovecraft fan, send it to your fellow cult members!

With that, let me be the first to say, I’ai Cthuhlu F’tagn! (That’s Lovecraftian for enjoy the movie!)

-Mike "Dr. Chud" Lombardo


10/2/2013 - Hey folks, I recently got the chance to ramble at the fine folks from Horror Addicts! Check out this totally boss interview with yours truly where I talk indie film, crossing the line, exploitation, gore, nudity and The Stall! Speaking of The Stall, did I mention it's going to be out this Halloween? Or at least it should be, so don't quote me on that... But seriously, we are frighteningly close to being done with it and I think you folks are going to dig it like a grave! Shit, wasn't that funny? God, I'm hilarious!

OH! I almost forgot, (this update is turning into a grossly unprofessional stream of consciousness ramble isn't it?). Reel Splatter STARTED A VINE CHANNEL! That's right kids, those obnoxious, unclever and mostly racially insensitive 6 second videos you can watch on your smartphone until you die of A.D.D. -- well now WE MAKE THEM TOO! Search #ReelSplatter on the Vine app, make sure you're not near your mom or a church, and enjoy! It goes without saying that these are extremely NSFW. In fact, they contain some of the most fucked up stuff we've ever done! Give em' a looksee, and please Like, Comment and Revine! Ah yes, and please Follow us so you can keep up to date on the nasty little bastards!

Well folks, it's almost 4am and I am falling asleep as I type this for our sultry webmaster, Baron von Brunk, so I'm going to wrap it up for now. Keep checking back for more updates on The Stall and be sure to head over to our Facebook fan page for the most current news!

Keep it reel, Splatter fiends!

-Mike Lombardo


8/14/2013 - Hey there folks! Got some totally boss news for ya! Things have been very busy here at Reel Splatter HQ. We are in the late stages of post production on our new short, “The Stall” and are hoping for a mid-September release. I cut together a very quick look at two of the visual FX bits we did including the first peek at one of the tentacles that inhabit the movie!

The Stall Visual F/X Teaser

For the most current updates and some really coolio behind the scenes pics, check out the Reel Splatter Facebook page and give it a LIKE!

In other news, our wonderfully talented graphics slave, Baron von Brunk just unveiled our new business card designs! What do you think?

Our buddies from the awesome band, I Am The Trireme just released their new music video, shot by our very talented DP, Dyan SC and featuring lots of black goop courtesy of yours truly! It also stars Melissa Seery (the lovely gal from the opening of Long Pig) and as a goop covered body double, everyone's favorite sharp toothed femme fatale Kaleigh Brodbeck (Chew-Toy)!

Give it a look see, but be forewarned, NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

The Splatter gang will be at MonsterMania in NJ this Friday, so if you’re there, look for the weirdoes in the RS shirts and come say Hi! I might just have free copies of Suburban Holocaust for anyone that spots us!

That’s it for now Splatter fiends, but no worries, there are more updates to come!

Keep it reel,

-Mike Lombardo

2/2/2013 - I realize that every update here always starts with “sorry about the lack of updates folks, but. . . ” and this one is no different. I really am sorry about these binge updates, but I have good reasons I swear! Also, if you want current and up to date news on the disturbing goings on of myself and Reel Splatter, please like the Reel Splatter Facebook page; I update it a couple times a week and there are exclusive FX and behind the scenes photos and news. Feel free to harass my personal profile page as well if you’d like to chat.

Okay, so now onto the most epic update you will ever see here:

“Where The Hell I Have Been” by Mike Lombardo

Since the last update, we’ve been a bit busy on a movie called “The Stall”. I have made mention of it here a few times but never really gave any real info. Well. . .

The Stall is the story of a young pizza shop employee (played by Skot Shaub, star of Womb For Two!) who finds himself facing the Lovecraftian apocalypse while trapped in a public restroom. I don’t believe I’ve ever been more proud of a project in my entire life. It’s so far beyond anything you have seen from us before, and yes, there are tentacles! We started shooting this one back in October of 2011, simultaneously with the Japanese ghost movie portion of Long Pig. Since then, we have continued shooting sporadically, including about 40 hours of reshoots and pick-ups in the last 4 months. Well, it’s in the can now and we are in the arduous process of editing the beast. I don’t have a release date on this one yet, but it should be out sometime this spring 2013.

I’ve found myself doing quite a bit of FX work for various films as well:

• Bloodlines: a short from Crow Brothers Productions (available on DVD) - I made some naughty bits for them to cut off among other things, fun stuff!

• Lucidum a short film by Reflective Media (not yet released) - Highlight of this one was putting a girl’s face into a hot frying pan!

Super nasty stuff!

• Repulsed by the Sun: a music video for "I Am The Trireme" (currently in production) - Lots of black goop and some nekkid ladies!

• Cornface: a film by Edward Lee Studios (currently in production) - Edward Lee is my all time favorite author and this is his first film, it promises to be absolutely vile!

Speaking of Edward Lee, I recently had the honor of playing a bar redneck in the film adaptation of his incredibly disgusting book, “The Bighead” from director Michael Ling which premieres on March 30th in Hollywood, CA!

I flew out to Los Angeles for 3 days and had a fucking blast on set! If you like Reel Splatter, you will fucking love this movie!

• Brian Keene’s Fast Zombies Suck by Drunken Tentacle Productions - (currently in post production) - This is a really awesome short from a side project I’m involved with called Drunken Tentacle Productions led by horror author Brian Keene (who cameoed not only in Demonstration of The Dead and A Reel Splatter Halloween, but also The Stall!) - I did a bunch of head shots and other nastiness for this, look for it soon!

Here’s a fun video of me testing the blood cannon I built for the FX!

• And finally, Chew Toy - a music video for Testosteroso. This just got released a couple days ago and my god. . . I am so fucking proud of this video it hurts. It very well make you hurt a little bit watching it too. . . I did all of the Gore FX and cameo as a doctor/surgeon.


Testosteroso-Chew-Toy (Uncut) from Testosteroso on Vimeo.

For you fans of books out there, I also got two short stories published:

• "Playplace": Aaron Warner hates his job. He’s a food service slave at McDonald’s and unfortunately for him, his shitty day job is about to get a lot worse. When the dead rise, he takes refuge in the twisting plastic labyrinth of the Playplace along with two fellow employees. Things seem okay at first, the undead can’t get in, but the unlucky trio soon realize that they can’t get OUT. The story is super gory and extremely bleak. It’s also the most personal (and in my opinion, the best) thing I have ever written. I am very proud of it.

Playplace appears alongside 11 other twisted tales of bizzaro zombie mayhem, in “Zombie! Zombie! Brain Bang!” by Strangehouse Books and is available on for only $12!

• I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday: The story of the last Christmas. A starving mother and her child celebrate from the confines of a bomb shelter. Out in the smoking ruins of the world, a lone figure in a tattered red suit carrying a large sack over his shoulder searches for the last child to deliver one final gift. Probably the most depressing Christmas story you will ever read. It appears as part of a FREE e-book anthology from Strangehouse Books called “A Very Strangehouse Christmas”.

Due to some complications, it didn’t get out in time for Christmas but is due any day now, so keep checking for updates!

And finally, I had the distinct honor of doing an Q&A about Long Pig (which was shown as part of the curriculum) for a film course at University of Louisville! It was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing and I’m hoping I get to have a chance to do it again with The Stall!

So there you go folks, that’s where I’ve been. I apologize once again for my sporadic updates, but fear not, the delays are out of hectic schedules, not laziness! We have so much awesome stuff coming down the line in 2013 and I couldn’t ask for a better group of fans than you folks! Thanks for sticking with us, you make this insanity worth it!

Keep it reel,

-Mike “Dr.Chud” Lombardo

9/24/2012 - Monstrous and severely overdue update time!

Howdy there folks, lots of totally coolio and boss news to go over! First order of business: film festivals! The Reel Splatter gang has been on the road constantly the last 6 months for Long Pig’s tour on the film fest circuit. We had a hell of time, highlights include a 12 hour drive to Louisville, Kentucky whilst outrunning a tornado and ending up in a completely blacked out backwoods West Virginia at 3am getting chased by a 3 legged dog during a potty break, a crazy weekend in Detroit, and an even crazier one in Gettysburg. But alas, all good things must come to an end. Long Pig is reaching the last stops of its tour next month.

We are very honored to announce that Long Pig will be playing at Cinema Wasteland in Strongsville, Ohio as part of the Friday Night Shorts Block on October 5th and again on Sunday October 7th in the early afternoon. We also just received word that we will be playing at The Rumschpringe International Short Film Festival in Lancaster, PA sometime during October 25-27; we don’t have the exact date or time yet, but we will post it as soon as we get it.

Can’t make it to either of the screenings? Don’t fret, you can always pick it up on DVD, along with 9 other hilarious and bloodsoaked short films from us twisted fucks at Reel Splatter! Check out the Store page and order your copy of Suburban Holocaust: Reel Splatter Volume 1! All the proceeds go directly into funding the post production of our new short, “The Stall” (details on that coming very soon…)

Not sure if you want to plunk down your hard earned cash on the DVD? Don’t take our word for it, check out this awesome review of the Suburban Holocaust by our new friends in Sweden over at Independent Flicks. And just in case you missed it, here’s another great DVD review and an in depth interview with yours truly over at Horror Indies!

And finally be sure to head over to Hell Is Full for an awesome podcast review of Suburban Holocaust's Skyler Phalanges: Zombie Hunter and Demonstration of The Dead! Next week there will be news on our new Lovecraftian short, “The Stall”, as well as a fucking badass new short film “Fast Zombies Suck.” I did the FX for from a side project I created with horror author Brian Keene and some other cool filmmakers called Drunken Tentacle Productions,  so keep checking back! For the most current updates, be sure to Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter!

As always, thank you for the support folks, none of this would be possible without such an awesome and supportive audience and we seriously love you guys!

-Mike Lombardo

8/30/2012 - Howdy folks! If you're gonna mosey on down to Gettysburg, PA for Horrorfind Weekend, be sure to check out Long Pig playing on the big screen -- Sunday, September 2nd at 11:30 am in the Gateway Theater, in theater #2! You don't want to miss this; the Splatter crew and out sexcellent Splatter Slutettes will be there to mingle! For more information, check out Horrorfind's Site and like them on Facebook!

- Mike "Dr. Chud" Lombardo

7/21/2012 - Sorry for the lack of updates, folks, but we've busy as hell! We're working on our upcoming new short "The Stall", and stick around for more updates on the aftermath of Fright Fight Film Festival! In the meantime, check out my recent awesome interview: The awesome horror film site, Horror Indies just did a full article on Reel Splatter and our new DVD Suburban Holocaust! It includes a full interview with yours truly, so check it out, and if you are so inclined, please leave a comment on the post with your thoughts on the DVD and our films!

- Mike "Dr. Chud" Lombardo

6/27/2012 - Getting geared up for the 11 hour drive to Louisville, Kentucky tomorrow night for the Fright Night Film Fest! Our newest short, "Long Pig" will be playing this Saturday at 1pm in the Coe screening room! The Reel Splatter crew will be there in full force, kissing hands and shaking babies! We'll be trying to raise money to finish our new short "The Stall" by selling copies of Suburban Holocaust: Reel Splatter volume 1 on DVD along with posters for Long Pig & The Stall -- so help support indie film! Not going to be there? You can still help us finish the movie by grabbing a copy of Suburban Holocaust from our store! Reel Splatter is made possible through viewers like you!

6/1/2012 - Long Pig will be playing at the LAFF -- Lancaster Area Film Festival this Saturday June 2nd at Penn Cinema! Come out and show your support for Reel Splatter and indie film! The incredible Testosteroso Theme music video will also be playing in addition to over 4 hours of awesome shorts! The festivities begin at 12 noon and run to around 4:30. In honor of this being the first home show of Long Pig's festival tour, I will have copies of Suburban Holocaust: Reel Splatter Volume 1 for only $10! That's $5 cheaper than you will find it anywhere else and this deal is available on Saturday only at Penn Cinema! See you there!


5/10/2012 - Hey there folks, Dr. Chud here to tell you I will be a guest on Mad World Radio tomorrow night (Friday) at 9pm! Tune in at and listen to me ramble about gross stuff! Seriously, it would be totally boss if you did.

Have you ordered a Reel Splatter Volume 1 DVD yet!? They're still on sale, so grab your copy of this aptly titled DVD "Suburban Holocaust!"

To order your copy, follow the PayPal link:

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You will receive a confirmation email once your payment is received, and a shipping notification when it's on its way. Thanks for watching, and keep it reel!

-Dr. Chud


4/20/2012 - We fixed the PayPal button for DVD orders. . .

The official DVDs of Suburban Holocaust: Reel Splatter Volume 1 have arrived at the Splatter HQ, and are now ready for order! Get yours today!

To order your copy, follow the PayPal link:

For all international orders, use the following PayPal button:

You will receive a confirmation email once your payment is received, and a shipping notification when it's on its way. Thanks for watching, and keep it reel!

-Dr. Chud



4/8/2012 - DVD pre-orders for Suburban Holocaust: Reel Splatter Volume 1 have officially started! Order today!

To pre-order your copy, follow the PayPal link:

The expected release date is April 18th. You will receive a confirmation email once your payment is received, and a shipping notification when it's on its way. Each pre-order comes with a handmade Reel Splatter Skin Ornament! Supplies are extremely limited, so be quick folks! If you would like to pay with check or money order or are ordering from outside the U.S., please email Mike "Dr. Chud" Lombardo for details!

-Dr. Chud


2/16/2012 - Hey there Splatter fans! We've got some really big fucking news! Our newest short film, "Long Pig" is now an official selection of the Fright Night Film Festival in Louisville, Kentucky! The festival is June 29 to July 1st and is being headlined by legendary actor Bruce Campbell! The Reel Splatter crew is making the 12 hour trek across the country and will be there in full force, kissin' hands and shakin' babies! In addition to screening the film and getting irresponsibly intoxicated in a celebratory frenzy, we'll be manning our own table at the con, selling glow in the dark Reel Splatter t-shirts (the classic design will also be available), and Long Pig posters & DVDs! The proceeds from these blasphemous transactions will be funding the next flick, so come on out and help support indie cinema (or just get shit tanked with us)! We'll be pretty easy to spot, just look for good ol' Dr.Chud and the weirdos covered in blood!

This film film fest/convention is really exciting for another reason... Our good friends over at StrangeHouse Books will have copies of their first hardcore horror/erotica anthology "Strange Sex" available to buy! Did I mention that my absolutely fucking disgusting short story, "Appetites" is in it? This is my first published work and I am very proud to be featured alongside so many other great stories! There is a very good chance that you can hear me do a reading of  "Appetites" at the fest (you do not want to miss a live reading of this story, the audience reaction is fucking priceless), so that's double the reason to come on out!

Strange Sex- 13 tales of love, sex, death, gore, dinosaurs, teddy bears, disgruntled bible figures, aliens and bed bugs! Look for Strange Sex online and in fine bookstores near you next month!
There's more awesome news coming very soon, but you'll just have to wait a little bit kiddies! Well, I guess I better get back to editing "The Stall"...

Keep it reel,

-Mike "Dr.Chud" Lombardo



12/31/2011 - After 2 years, our new film “Long Pig” is FINALLY DONE! Words cannot describe how proud and excited I am right now. This movie alternated between being my baby and the bane of my existence for such a long time, but now it has come screaming and bloody out of the birth canal and onto the unsuspecting interwebs. I don't think I have ever been more proud of a project in my life, so I hope you folks enjoy watching it as much as we did making it. I would like to thank everyone who was involved in this crazy little bloodbath over the last few years; this film would not be half the movie it is without your blood, sweat, and tears. And of course a huge thanks to you, the audience: we would not be here without your love ad support. If you keep watching 'em, we'll keep making 'em! Now, overly-sappy sentiment aside, let's get down to it...

Long Pig

When three friends decide to get food, one missed turn transforms the idyllic summer afternoon into a deadly struggle for survival. A life affirming tale of friendship...and cannibalism.

We busted our asses making this, so please let us know what you think! Leave us nice feedback/hatemail on YouTube and if you are so inclined, please subscribe to our channel and “like” our Facebook page. For live ramblings, be sure to check us out on Twitter as well. It only takes a few minutes to help support indie cinema, so please help spread the word. Show your friends, family, awkward one night stands, fellow klansmen, anyone who will listen! Post it on facebook and/or your favorite forum -- after all, Reel Splatter is made possible through kind support from viewers like you!

Keep it reel,

-Mike “Dr.Chud” Lombardo




11/24/2011 - Hello there folks, how are you all doing? It's been a while, I know, but I'm back and I've got a few things to tell you about...

A lot of you dedicated fiends out there have been asking me about a little project called “Long Pig” I was talking about 2 years ago...Well, after the grueling principle photography wrapped on that flick, I got a little burned out and went away for a bit, leaving Long Pig gasping for breath halfway out of the birth canal. A lot has happened in my life, both personal and creative, in the last couple years. Among them was having the opportunity to meet some very talented people -- talented people who were kind enough to lend their hand in turning Long Pig into the film I always wanted it to be. I am extremely pleased to announce that Long Pig will be entering this world kicking, screaming, and covered in blood very soon! This one is a huge step forward for Reel Splatter, it's a very different film than you've seen from us before. Don't worry, it's still funny (hopefully), and it's definitely gory as hell, but it's a different style of film, one that I feel better expresses my writing and directing style. I think that you'll enjoy it. Keeping in the spirit of the holidays (and what better time of year than Thanksgiving Day to unveil news on Long Pig!), I decided to give you a little present...

This little beauty was done by our very good buddy Jason Pohlig over at Slightly Strange Studios, who I have been doing a nice assortment of outlandishly violent FX scenes for, in a nasty little upcoming short called “Til Death”. You'll be hearing a lot about that film very soon, so stay tuned!

"When three good friends decide to go get dinner, one wrong turn transforms the idyllic summer afternoon into a deadly struggle for survival..."


You are who you eat...

-Coming December 2011-

And finally, I would like to announce another film that is being released very soon from Reel Splatter Productions in association with Slightly Strange Studios, “The Stall”. It's the story of one man facing the a public restroom. I don't want to give too many details on this one yet, but I will say that if you're an H.P. Lovecraft fan, you will enjoy this one very much. The Stall is completely shot and we should start editing and scoring it in a few months. More details on that one will be coming soon. Until then, have a Happy Thanksgiving and make sure you "like” our facebook page for the most up to date information and pics!

Take care kiddles,

-Mike “Dr.Chud' Lombardo

P.S. - Our dear friend Baron von Brunk may be far away in seclusion, but he's still cranking out the awesome designs -- especially his recent LEGO Cthulu model!


12/14/2010 - Many moons have passed since our most recent update, and quite a lot has changed! For Halloween, Mr. Lombardo did his typical routine of creating helluva spectacular parties, and this year he truly outdid himself. The Massacre-ade Part II: Terror Born of the Atom was a shocking thrillride for the whole family. We had toxic waste, hazmat suits, a butcher shop, but above all, I dressed as Artie: The Strongest Man in the World (of "Pete & Pete" notoriety)! To see our photos, look for our Facebook page and be sure to like it.

Also, I personally ditched the 9 to 5 world and became a full member of AFTRA, the union for television and radio actors. Fortunately Reel Splatter is an indie film troupe (and not a public access channel), or else I'd be legally forbidden to star in any more short movies! To kick off my plunge into the world of for real for-real acting, I compiled a demo reel of my greatest Reel Splatter moments showcased:

-"The Baron" Julius A. von Brunk


9/7/2010 - HUGE NEWS!!!

Our film "Demonstration of The Dead" won the Fan Favorite Award at The Horrorfind Film Festival on Saturday! We competed against 31 films (which are listed here, along with the other winners) and took home the golden buzzsaw blade trophy! It was an honor to be in the running against such awesome flicks and we would like to thank all of the other filmmakers and the entire staff of Horrorfind Weekend for making this such a fantastic event! We are forever indebted to all of you kickass fans who came out to watch the film and to those who got bloody, grabbed a picket sign, and helped us launch the biggest marketing campaign we have ever attempted! It was a blast and a huge hit at the convention, most of which was captured on tape by filmmaker Nancy Gaglio, who is filming a documentary about me and my work in the splatter comedy genre! More details on that to come!

In other news, we are going to be getting back into the editing of our newest film "Long Pig" soon. It's a heartwarming story about friendship...and cannibalism. It also may be the nastiest thing we've ever shot, so get ready Splatter fans because things are going to get messy very soon! After Long Pig is released, we plan on starting production of our first official DVD release: a compilation disc of all of our short films spanning from 2005-2010. Each short will have at least 1 audio commentary, deleted scenes, blooper reels, and we're currently talking about some how-to no budget gore FX tutorials! The DVD is tentatively titled "Suburban Holocaust: Reel Splatter Volume 1" and will hopefully be available by summer of 2011.

That's it for now splatter fans! Thank you for all your support, Reel Splatter is made possible by viewers like you!

Keep it reel,

-Mike "Dr.Chud" Lombardo


8/24/2010 - Prepare for the one teaser trailer to rocketh thy world!

(even though it's for a movie we made two years ago and has already gotten thousands of views -- but you get the point!)

I love this video like Liquid Plumr! Remember kiddies, this is our little foray into the Horrorfind Film Festival, coming soon to a Gettysburg, PA near you!

-"The Baron" Julius A. von Brunk


8/16/2010 - HUGE NEWS!!

Our short film, "Demonstraton of The Dead" is now and Official Selection of the Horrorfind Film Festival in Gettysburg, PA! For those of you not familiar with Horrorfind Weekend, it's a huge Horror Convention held every year. This year's event will be held September 3rd, 4th, and 5th at Wyndham Gettysburg Hotel! Guests include Bruce Campbell, Clive Barker, Doug Bradley, Reggie Bannister and more! Horror author Brian Keene (who plays himself in Demonstration of The Dead) will also be there along with fellow horror author turned Reel Splatter actor J.F. Gonzalez (the "Captive audience" from Dr.Blood's Cinema Dungeon). The Reel Splatter crew will of course be there in full force along with the members of the side project I am involved with Drunken Tentacle Productions! We will be dressed as zombies and protesters promoting the film so come out and join our shambling ranks! Details on the showtimes of "Demonstration of The Dead" will be announced as soon as we get them, so in the meantime gather your fellow ghouls and buy your tickets!  See ya there!

-Mike "Dr.Chud" Lombardo

5/1/2010 - Good evening boils & ghouls, Dr. Chud here for the first time in ages to bring you the spectacular ghastly delights you'd expect from us! That's frieakin' right, the Splatter site is back on the air! Some pages aren't complete yet, but fear not, for we'll soon get things back to how they should be!
4/25/2010 - Hey kids, Baron von Brunk here with a special announcement: The new Splatter site is about to be up for bidness in a short amount of time! We're getting all of the bugs worked out and gradually setting up the proverbial circus tent to get this show on the road. Stay tuned, and keep checking back often!

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